Friday, August 13, 2010

"RAW" in Los Angeles

Juliano Brotman's restaurant "RAW" in Santa Monica, California...

I had a dish called "CHEESY KELP" which is so much like Fettuccine Alfredo it was amazing and I want to know how they did this! It was so incredibly tasty, even the vegetables and the salad had flavors out of this world. I would highly recommend anyone trying RAW food for the first time to go to "RAW"on 6th Street in Santa Monica, you will not be disappointed! "RAW" the restaurant is definitely not the bland alfalfa tasting testers one might expect from a healthy eating place such as this one, it's more like a scrumptious retreat you can't wait to go back to so you can have the dishes you've been craving since your first me!

You can buy Juliano's "RAW The UNcook Book at the restaurant, online or at your favorite bookstore.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My RAW Journey in California this Summer...

Lots of Raw Scruptious dishes made at my friend Alejandra and Doug DeLuca's in Zuma beach this Summer!!!
Raw Mushrooms being prepared for Raw Calamari --- Raw Calamari --- Raw oats and berry cereal --- Soaked Kamut for Raw Kamut Bread ---  Raw Felafels