RAW for YOU!

What I mean by "RAW for YOU" is,  if you're just embarking on your RAW journey as am I, take it slow, make it simple and don't be too strict or hard on yourself. Remember, you are making a huge life change for the better and for those around you as well. People will notice changes in you... in your appearance in your aura and your attitude. Whether you are 100% RAW everyday or 50% Raw or even 20% some days...you are a lot better off then those who are eating dead, processed or chemically treated foods everyday, all day long. And one day, who knows, your body may not want anything but RAW anymore and you will have crossed the threshold :)

What you want to avoid is scaring yourself into not doing it at all, and I'm talking from my own experience. I went ALL RAW about two years ago and told myself I have to be 100% RAW from now on, means I can never have some of the things I was used to and LOVED eating. Well I made it for about 6 weeks and slowly I started wanting some of my old favorite dead foods! I kept telling myself it was forbidden and you can probably guess what soon followed. I fell off the wagon and never went back.

Even though my new RAW eating lifestyle was indeed making me feel better, great in fact, I couldn't get past the psychological part about NEVER being able to have anything that wasn't RAW again!!! I also didn't have a very large RAW variety of foods available to me that I knew of at that time. I didn't spend much time researching or experimaneting either. I guess I also was not as passionate about it as well or I'm sure I could have found resources.

I am once again RAW...this time however, if I want to have a treat once a day or on the weekend (which is the deal I've made with myself) I do..or at least I tell myself I can, and guess what? 80% of the time I don't end up having it because I've created so many more RAW options for myself now AND I don't have that psychological barrier. 20% of the time I may have a bite or a sip of that which I thought I was craving (key word being thought) only to find that it doesn't taste as good as I remembered or if it does and I do eat it...I feel the effects afterward :)

I started back on this journey because I always had this voice telling me how much happier and healthier myself and my daughter could be, just by making a few changes now... then a few more... and a few more again until our lifestyle changed for the better and that healthy eating is our "normal" lifestyle. In turn, our example could potentially influence and help the people around us and maybe spare them,  you  and ourselves from the clutches dis-ease has on so many of our fellow brothers and sisters, grandparents, parents and children, especially here in the US.

If you are 100% RAW, 50% RAW, 20% RAW, thinking about trying to eat RAW foods, or just curious ... I hope this helped!

Peace, Joy, Blessings and a Happier Healthier Lifestyle to YOU in whatever you choose! :)