Friday, May 28, 2010

Traveling RAW!

Getting some RAW snacks ready for Memorial Day weekend out of town.
Lots of different kinds of nuts (you can even find flavored/seasoned raw nut mixtures in some health food stores).  Some flavored RAW crackers. RAW chocolate Green bars(my fav!).  Nori energy wrap-has dehydrated nuts oats and favorite is the one with wasabi-SPICY and YUMMY!

A quick snack to fill you up and get you going!

RAW Organic Nuts and Filtered Water...
....not only is it a great snack, especially when you combine different ones for different flavors, but it's nutrient rich and full of protein which will fill you up and give you energy. Water is good for just about everything and it helps speed up metabolism!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saturday's RAW Cooking Class with Chef's Mia Dalene & David Hempseed

Cauliflower Samosas
from Raw Food Real World by Sarma Melngailis

These were amazing tasting with some spice in the wrap which I love!

Not only do they taste good...they LOOK good!

Wow!! These are Sooooo good!! :)

Oooh! Now Chef Mia is chopping baby bok choy to put into her latest Chop Suey recipe.

Mmmm..... Looks good!  But wait!  She's not done!

She wrapped it in a sheet of Nori (dried seaweed).

Another great recipe! It's light, fresh and crispy. Perfect on a hot Summer day... :)

Chef David Hempseed is showing and telling us the easiest way to get a mature coconut and a young coconut opened. In my experience....  not an easy task!

Here's the young coconut.... He says to take the knife to the top of the young coconut, where the point is and start on one side using a cutting motion and follow with your knife completely around, then put the young coconut on the chopping board and apply pressure to where you just cut and, pop! It comes right off. He makes it look easy but we'll have to try this at home! ;)

My favorite part!!! Chef Mia is making her wrap for the Chocolate Sushi!!! I can't wait to try this one!

OMG!!! It relly is as good as it looks. The outside is made from nuts, coconut and cacao. The inside is sliced strawberries and mango. The chocolate sauce ...well... I believe one of her specialties are her chocolate sauces, YUM!..  and that's all I have to say about that!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Balanced pH is the First Step to Good Health - from

What is your pH? Everyone has one and it fluctuates daily and many times during the day, at that. pH stands for potential of Hydrogen and is the critical measuring tool that indicates the body’s ability to restore and maintain health.

Proper pH is not just a mere goal, but rather a tool that can evaluate the body’s health status. Balancing one’s pH is the first step to successfully re-establishing normal physiology and opens the door to opportunities for real rejuvenation, total detoxification, optimum hormonal balancing and the ability to achieve outrageous health into and throughout our elder years on all levels—physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

The path to a balanced pH is not a quick fix, but an adventure that involves the resolution of overall tissue acidity and is more than simply taking a mineral product, as you will see.

The initial goal that you are striving for is a pH measurement of the mineral levels in the first morning urine after rising. Using a roll of pH Paper, tear off a 2” strip and run it through the urine stream. This simple measuring tool will give you the current reading, which, ideally, should fall into the 6.4 to 7.0 range. This reading indicates that there are adequate minerals to handle the current workload of the body/mind.

Your mineral storehouse is your reserve account, much like your personal checking account. A checking account is used to cover on-going living expenses. Money comes into this account through income from various sources and is supplemented during a shortfall by borrowing from savings accounts, ideally, or credit cards, loans, lines of credit and the like, if the resources are not there.

Based on the above analogy, good financial planning will always allow you to have adequate reserves in your account and poor planning just the opposite, while no planning at all leaves you with an endless financial drain that disallows you the opportunity to get out of your predicament. Now, in this analogy replace “money” with “minerals” and “living expenses” with “health” and you will begin to understand that the mechanism of maintaining good health, rather than reacting to illness unprepared, is key to avoiding becoming a victim of disease and its consequences.

Minerals are the tools needed to perform health-building/enhancing functions. In protecting your health, there is a correlation between mineral intake and pH level. You can increase mineral intake by choosing healthy foods with a diet high in quality fruits, vegetables and nuts and quality mineral supplements, such as a high quality Quantum Greens Mix and a pure Vitamin D3.

When evaluating your mineral intake (checking account), consider your overall diet. Is it full of processed foods? Or are you primarily eating organic foods that have a higher mineral compliment? Are you eating conventionally grown foods that are subject to lower mineral content, pesticides, irradiation, chemical additives, preservatives, etc.? The answer to all of these questions reveals that the poorer quality of food requires higher amounts of minerals to process through the body. If the mineral content is not adequate then your health will suffer.

What causes mineral deficiency? In addition to initially not consuming sufficient amounts of minerals, everyday we engage in activities that help deplete our existing supply. These include, but are not limited to: lack of sleep, outbursts of anger, air/EMF pollution, processed sugar/flour, time pressures, unrelenting stress, chemicals, illicit, OTC and prescriptions drugs, lack of sunlight, out gassing of synthetic materials, lack of exercise, poor quality water, pesticides and food additives, dental issues, infections, fear, anxiety, abuse, lack of forgiveness and love, toxic thinking and disease.

To conserve existing minerals think of smiling, charity, being happy, singing, being positive, teamwork, hugs, forgiveness, walking and massage to name a few. Are you beginning to see that the mineral issue is more complex than you first thought?

Once you have mastered the morning pH and kept it in the 6.4 to 7.0 range for 60 days, you have mastered the ideal tissue oxygenation. For each tenth of a point outside the ideal range, there is an exponential decrease of tissue oxygen by 10X. The lower the tissue oxygen, the better the environment for the proliferation of any and all infective agents. The greater the tissue oxygen, the poorer the environment for these agents to thrive.

Supplementation: When evaluating your mineral intake, in addition to making dietary changes that include eliminating acidic foods such as meat, soft drinks and sugar, one would do best by moving toward organic fruits and vegetables, juicing when possible and including a basic supplementation of a high quality Greens Mix, such as Quantum Greens Mix. This Mix is “beyond organic”—it is composed of non-hybrid grasses and contains every known vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme necessary to sustain life. The finest, pristine grasses and greens from the best sources worldwide have been grown in rich South American soils without pesticides, harvested and air dried to retain their potency. Unlike American grown grasses, the water source does not contain toxic/chemical resides and fluoride and the top soils remain chemical free. Additionally, no dried juice extract is used, as that is really a processed food with no fiber and no “natural flavors” aka MSG are added either.

Vitamin D3 is the Sunshine Vitamin. In conjunction with the regular use of Coral Legend and Aloe Vera Juice, D3 will be an important player in upregulating your Vitamin D levels (which can be verified by a blood test). These days, with all of the talk about the dangers of sun exposure, as well as the realities of our busy work schedule, most of us have little time to devote to getting the Vitamin D that we need in the most natural way, as it has been done in generations past. The food sources of Vitamin D3 are very few, and fortified Milk delivers only D2, so although our bodies are designed to manufacture Vitamin D by exposure to the sun, we, as a nation, have become D deficient.

Vitamin D is best known for its immunity giving properties, promoting nerve function and health, supporting healthy mood and mental function, heart health and bone metabolism.

So…remember, your pH balance is your first line of defense in promoting long term wellness for you and your family. Just as you put financial resources aside for a rainy day, so should you help you family store mineral resources for the life-stresses to come.

by Elle Reinhardt, Traditional Naturopath

If you would like to contact Elle directly to ask your most pertinent questions, you can reach her at 909-946-9391 to arrange a consultation.

Article from

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. The preceding information and/or products are for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. Please consult your doctor before making any changes or before starting ANY exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using this information or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

RAW chocolate sushi from Chef Mia Dalene and Chef David Hempseed's cooking class.
The outside is made with pine nuts, coconut, cacao and agave. The inside is filled with strawberries and mango!  The sauce is a Chef Mia's specialty. I think it's RAW cacoa powder, cacao nibs, coconut water and agave. Very YUMMY!

more RAW to go...

More RAW food snack ideas for on the go... 

RAW to go...

Here are some RAW goodies you can keep with you in the car or when traveling out of town or anytime you don't feel like making something.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

RAW foods cooking/uncooking class :)

Off to a RAW foods cooking class. Will share what I learned afterward.... stay tuned! :)


Friday, May 21, 2010

Making my smoothie and a fresh salad..yum :)

Smoothie: handful of RAW almonds (soaked in filtered water for at least 4 hours), 2-3 cups water, some RAW agave, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and a slice of Apple for sweetness.
Salad: Organic Red Leaf Lettuce before putting marinated Portabello on top:)
See last post for dressing recipe and Portabello marinade :)

My lunch...

This is a RAW Portabello Mushroom Truffle Salad
Made wih red leaf lettuce and RAW portabello mushroom marinated in Nama Shoyu ad olive oil. Dressing is olive oil, lemon, Nama shoyu, Truffle oil, cold pressed raw garlic spray and some lemon....with some cracked black pepper :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Conclusion to "Meeting non-RAW friends for lunch

So my positive outlook about eating at a non-RAW food restaurant with non-RAW food friends didn't quite work out for me after least it didn't yesterday. For the record, it wasn't anyone's fault but my own, I wasn't prepared and I was late on top of it!  Since I was already running late to meet my friends for lunch I decided I'd just go straight there and they'll have something I can eat...I'll improvise (that is a word I've used often in RAW food lingo)! When I got there, my friends already started eating, I asked the woman if I could have a simple garden salad, some olive oil and a fresh cut lemon on the side, simple enough right?  She looked at me as if I were speaking another language. So I waited a little, gave her some time to absorb what I had just asked for, maybe it threw her for a loop because it wasn't on the menu? I'didn't think that what I was asking for was that far out but apparently in this particular restaurant, it was. When she finally spoke, she said they didn't have olive oil and that if I wanted fresh cut lemon I'd have to get it from the jar sitting next to the complimentary water. To make a long story short, after letting me look at their ingredients in their salad dressings (something I've never done before) and seeing ingredients like sugar and high fructose corn syrup etc. I had a pre cut fruit was RAW and it was good but little, and afterward I was still feeling hungry so I ran over to the local health food deli and got a fresh veggie and fruit juice and along with a raw nori wrap and some other snacks and because I was hungry I eneded up buying all kinds of healthy RAWgoodies that ended up leaving me with a healthy RAW bill.

My point to this story is to be prapared, unlike I was yesterday. I'm not going to candy coat it and say eating RAW is easy and convenient because it isn't, at least it isn't unless you're at home and you already have everything you need there. Having a new born baby is wonderful, and it's an amazing life changing miracle but it's not easy. Going RAW, being RAW, staying RAW is a process. Just like anything else new that you encorporate into you lifestyle that's worth it.  It's a learning process, learning what works for you. If you give it a chance enough to stick with it until you find your groove with it it also is an amazing, life changing miracle that will give you more energy, a better outlook, clearer thinking, better intuition, tantalizing taste buds, free from dis-eases and eventually you (I) won't have to think about how we're going to have a meal somewhere that doesn't serve RAW food. :)

Thanks for reading raw for u


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What to do when you're meeting "non" RAW friends for lunch?

I'm meeting some non-RAW eating friends for lunch today and had to give some thought to "what" I was going to do? This is the first time this has come up since going back to eating RAW. I mulled it over in my head while I was at the gym this morning, then I realized I'm making it a bigger deal that it has to be. There's a great health food store in the neigborhood (there's usually one in most cities so if you plan ahead, you can pick up a RAW sandwich or snack to go) where I can just go get something and bring it with me. I can order a small plain salad with some extra veggies and fruit on the side at the restaurant...simple enough.  I can also either bring my on dressing or ask for some olive oil and lemon and viola...I have my RAW lunch along with my non-RAW friends at a non-RAW restaurant!
If you're a person that's good at planning ahead (which I'm not) you can always bring other goodies along with you which you've prepared at home to have along with your RAW salad, or even a smoothie :) And always keep RAW snacks with you. I keep a bag in the car with RAW snacks when I go out, like raisins, RAW raps that don't need to be refrigerated, RAW crackers, and green bars!

I'm off to lunch!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Testing. Testing. Is my mobile blogger working?

RAW creations...

RAW Nori sheets, mixed greens with lemon, olive oil and sea salt, diced portabello mushroom marinated in Nama shoyu, onion ringlets marinated in Nama shoyu. Put parts of all ingredients into nori wrap and roll. When you get to the end put some water on the nori to seal the roll.

RAW nori wrap

RAW fajitas!

My RAW fajitas: Radicchio cup, marinated(over night) portabello mushrooms cut up in Nama unfiltered shoyu,  Onion cut into rings marinated (over night) in Nama unfiltered shoyu, purple cabbage cut up and marinated in lemon, olive oil and sea salt, diced orange and yellow sweet peppers.

Fresh coconut water

Cook Book "RAW" by Juliano Brotman

Cook Book by Juliano Brotman of the restaurant Planet RAW in Santa Monica Ca.

Just went shopping for fresh produce and RAW honey

RAW Chunky Spicy Guacamole: avocado and tomato cut up chunky, diced purple onion, diced or minced fresh garlic, cilantro, green habanero pepper diced or minced, lime, and sea salt.

RAW creations...


Raw and More

I'm creating this blog so that I, along with others can share RAW recipes, ideas and other healthy tips and facts that will help us to become happier healthy individuals and can spread the love to others! :)

Please feel free to comment, ask questions or share recipes of your own!