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A Balanced pH is the First Step to Good Health - from RAWpeople.com

What is your pH? Everyone has one and it fluctuates daily and many times during the day, at that. pH stands for potential of Hydrogen and is the critical measuring tool that indicates the body’s ability to restore and maintain health.

Proper pH is not just a mere goal, but rather a tool that can evaluate the body’s health status. Balancing one’s pH is the first step to successfully re-establishing normal physiology and opens the door to opportunities for real rejuvenation, total detoxification, optimum hormonal balancing and the ability to achieve outrageous health into and throughout our elder years on all levels—physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

The path to a balanced pH is not a quick fix, but an adventure that involves the resolution of overall tissue acidity and is more than simply taking a mineral product, as you will see.

The initial goal that you are striving for is a pH measurement of the mineral levels in the first morning urine after rising. Using a roll of pH Paper, tear off a 2” strip and run it through the urine stream. This simple measuring tool will give you the current reading, which, ideally, should fall into the 6.4 to 7.0 range. This reading indicates that there are adequate minerals to handle the current workload of the body/mind.

Your mineral storehouse is your reserve account, much like your personal checking account. A checking account is used to cover on-going living expenses. Money comes into this account through income from various sources and is supplemented during a shortfall by borrowing from savings accounts, ideally, or credit cards, loans, lines of credit and the like, if the resources are not there.

Based on the above analogy, good financial planning will always allow you to have adequate reserves in your account and poor planning just the opposite, while no planning at all leaves you with an endless financial drain that disallows you the opportunity to get out of your predicament. Now, in this analogy replace “money” with “minerals” and “living expenses” with “health” and you will begin to understand that the mechanism of maintaining good health, rather than reacting to illness unprepared, is key to avoiding becoming a victim of disease and its consequences.

Minerals are the tools needed to perform health-building/enhancing functions. In protecting your health, there is a correlation between mineral intake and pH level. You can increase mineral intake by choosing healthy foods with a diet high in quality fruits, vegetables and nuts and quality mineral supplements, such as a high quality Quantum Greens Mix and a pure Vitamin D3.

When evaluating your mineral intake (checking account), consider your overall diet. Is it full of processed foods? Or are you primarily eating organic foods that have a higher mineral compliment? Are you eating conventionally grown foods that are subject to lower mineral content, pesticides, irradiation, chemical additives, preservatives, etc.? The answer to all of these questions reveals that the poorer quality of food requires higher amounts of minerals to process through the body. If the mineral content is not adequate then your health will suffer.

What causes mineral deficiency? In addition to initially not consuming sufficient amounts of minerals, everyday we engage in activities that help deplete our existing supply. These include, but are not limited to: lack of sleep, outbursts of anger, air/EMF pollution, processed sugar/flour, time pressures, unrelenting stress, chemicals, illicit, OTC and prescriptions drugs, lack of sunlight, out gassing of synthetic materials, lack of exercise, poor quality water, pesticides and food additives, dental issues, infections, fear, anxiety, abuse, lack of forgiveness and love, toxic thinking and disease.

To conserve existing minerals think of smiling, charity, being happy, singing, being positive, teamwork, hugs, forgiveness, walking and massage to name a few. Are you beginning to see that the mineral issue is more complex than you first thought?

Once you have mastered the morning pH and kept it in the 6.4 to 7.0 range for 60 days, you have mastered the ideal tissue oxygenation. For each tenth of a point outside the ideal range, there is an exponential decrease of tissue oxygen by 10X. The lower the tissue oxygen, the better the environment for the proliferation of any and all infective agents. The greater the tissue oxygen, the poorer the environment for these agents to thrive.

Supplementation: When evaluating your mineral intake, in addition to making dietary changes that include eliminating acidic foods such as meat, soft drinks and sugar, one would do best by moving toward organic fruits and vegetables, juicing when possible and including a basic supplementation of a high quality Greens Mix, such as Quantum Greens Mix. This Mix is “beyond organic”—it is composed of non-hybrid grasses and contains every known vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme necessary to sustain life. The finest, pristine grasses and greens from the best sources worldwide have been grown in rich South American soils without pesticides, harvested and air dried to retain their potency. Unlike American grown grasses, the water source does not contain toxic/chemical resides and fluoride and the top soils remain chemical free. Additionally, no dried juice extract is used, as that is really a processed food with no fiber and no “natural flavors” aka MSG are added either.

Vitamin D3 is the Sunshine Vitamin. In conjunction with the regular use of Coral Legend and Aloe Vera Juice, D3 will be an important player in upregulating your Vitamin D levels (which can be verified by a blood test). These days, with all of the talk about the dangers of sun exposure, as well as the realities of our busy work schedule, most of us have little time to devote to getting the Vitamin D that we need in the most natural way, as it has been done in generations past. The food sources of Vitamin D3 are very few, and fortified Milk delivers only D2, so although our bodies are designed to manufacture Vitamin D by exposure to the sun, we, as a nation, have become D deficient.

Vitamin D is best known for its immunity giving properties, promoting nerve function and health, supporting healthy mood and mental function, heart health and bone metabolism.

So…remember, your pH balance is your first line of defense in promoting long term wellness for you and your family. Just as you put financial resources aside for a rainy day, so should you help you family store mineral resources for the life-stresses to come.

by Elle Reinhardt, Traditional Naturopath

If you would like to contact Elle directly to ask your most pertinent questions, you can reach her at 909-946-9391 to arrange a consultation.

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