Thursday, May 20, 2010

Conclusion to "Meeting non-RAW friends for lunch

So my positive outlook about eating at a non-RAW food restaurant with non-RAW food friends didn't quite work out for me after least it didn't yesterday. For the record, it wasn't anyone's fault but my own, I wasn't prepared and I was late on top of it!  Since I was already running late to meet my friends for lunch I decided I'd just go straight there and they'll have something I can eat...I'll improvise (that is a word I've used often in RAW food lingo)! When I got there, my friends already started eating, I asked the woman if I could have a simple garden salad, some olive oil and a fresh cut lemon on the side, simple enough right?  She looked at me as if I were speaking another language. So I waited a little, gave her some time to absorb what I had just asked for, maybe it threw her for a loop because it wasn't on the menu? I'didn't think that what I was asking for was that far out but apparently in this particular restaurant, it was. When she finally spoke, she said they didn't have olive oil and that if I wanted fresh cut lemon I'd have to get it from the jar sitting next to the complimentary water. To make a long story short, after letting me look at their ingredients in their salad dressings (something I've never done before) and seeing ingredients like sugar and high fructose corn syrup etc. I had a pre cut fruit was RAW and it was good but little, and afterward I was still feeling hungry so I ran over to the local health food deli and got a fresh veggie and fruit juice and along with a raw nori wrap and some other snacks and because I was hungry I eneded up buying all kinds of healthy RAWgoodies that ended up leaving me with a healthy RAW bill.

My point to this story is to be prapared, unlike I was yesterday. I'm not going to candy coat it and say eating RAW is easy and convenient because it isn't, at least it isn't unless you're at home and you already have everything you need there. Having a new born baby is wonderful, and it's an amazing life changing miracle but it's not easy. Going RAW, being RAW, staying RAW is a process. Just like anything else new that you encorporate into you lifestyle that's worth it.  It's a learning process, learning what works for you. If you give it a chance enough to stick with it until you find your groove with it it also is an amazing, life changing miracle that will give you more energy, a better outlook, clearer thinking, better intuition, tantalizing taste buds, free from dis-eases and eventually you (I) won't have to think about how we're going to have a meal somewhere that doesn't serve RAW food. :)

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tranbown said...

Scary when you can't get a "simple" salad!

Roxie. said...

Yes! Also makes you open your eyes to what you're really getting at restaurants :-/