Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What to do when you're meeting "non" RAW friends for lunch?

I'm meeting some non-RAW eating friends for lunch today and had to give some thought to "what" I was going to do? This is the first time this has come up since going back to eating RAW. I mulled it over in my head while I was at the gym this morning, then I realized I'm making it a bigger deal that it has to be. There's a great health food store in the neigborhood (there's usually one in most cities so if you plan ahead, you can pick up a RAW sandwich or snack to go) where I can just go get something and bring it with me. I can order a small plain salad with some extra veggies and fruit on the side at the restaurant...simple enough.  I can also either bring my on dressing or ask for some olive oil and lemon and viola...I have my RAW lunch along with my non-RAW friends at a non-RAW restaurant!
If you're a person that's good at planning ahead (which I'm not) you can always bring other goodies along with you which you've prepared at home to have along with your RAW salad, or even a smoothie :) And always keep RAW snacks with you. I keep a bag in the car with RAW snacks when I go out, like raisins, RAW raps that don't need to be refrigerated, RAW crackers, and green bars!

I'm off to lunch!


Paperwhite Designs said...

Hey Rox... Gonna try to follow your lead. I am thinking some raw is better than none. <3 ya!!! Kim

Roxie. said...

You are RIGHT!
I hope I can be of some help and inspiration!