Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RAW creations...

RAW Nori sheets, mixed greens with lemon, olive oil and sea salt, diced portabello mushroom marinated in Nama shoyu, onion ringlets marinated in Nama shoyu. Put parts of all ingredients into nori wrap and roll. When you get to the end put some water on the nori to seal the roll.

RAW nori wrap

RAW fajitas!

My RAW fajitas: Radicchio cup, marinated(over night) portabello mushrooms cut up in Nama unfiltered shoyu,  Onion cut into rings marinated (over night) in Nama unfiltered shoyu, purple cabbage cut up and marinated in lemon, olive oil and sea salt, diced orange and yellow sweet peppers.

Fresh coconut water

Cook Book "RAW" by Juliano Brotman

Cook Book by Juliano Brotman of the restaurant Planet RAW in Santa Monica Ca.

Just went shopping for fresh produce and RAW honey

RAW Chunky Spicy Guacamole: avocado and tomato cut up chunky, diced purple onion, diced or minced fresh garlic, cilantro, green habanero pepper diced or minced, lime, and sea salt.

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