Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cancer in the RAW - From Acidic to Alkaline.

Cancer cells thrive in an acidic enviroment and cannot survive in an alkaline enviroment. Cooked foods, as well as animal products and most grains make the body chemistry more acidic. Therefore it is vital for the body to have a whole food, plant based diet in order to overcome cancer, cancer cells.
There are RAW fruits, vegetables and nuts that are particularly good for alkalinity because they contain beneficial enzymes for the body.
Dr. Otto Warburg, a German scientist won a Nobel Prize in the 1940's for discovering that cancer cells thrive on a process called fermentation, which requires simple sugers and no oxygen. Chlorophyll-rich leafy vegetables facilitate oxygen circulation at the cellular level. Oxygen supresses cancer cells growth while enhancing healthy cells. Some of these foods include collard greens, wheat grass, garlic, aloe vera, papaya and papaya seeds, pineapple, millet, apricot kernals, blackberries, rasberries, lima beans, and curcumin spice. The fiber in foods binds with and removes cancer promoting hormones. Animal products and refined foods have no fiber, and promote a cancer friendly acidic enviroment.
Converting your diet into a RAW foods or mostly RAW diet is a great start to fighting cancer and keeping the body in optimum health. The goal is to make the body more alkaline, enzyme and oxygen rich and less acicidic so that cancer, in it's various forms cannot survive!

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